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H Begum - Yr 6 child

 L Box     -  Yr 5 child

C Freeman - Yr 4 child

S Khan   - Yr 5 child

 K King    - Yr 4 child

C Parker  - Yr 5 child

H Parmar - Yr 5 child

 J Rana    - Yr 4 child

B Taylor  - Yr 5 child

C Watts   - Yr 5 child


Please feel free to approach the above parents with any feedback/suggestions you may have  regarding School which they can raise at our half-termly Parent Forum meetings.


Chapel Fields' parental group, known as the Parent Forum, meets to discuss various school matters on a half-termly basis.  This forum gives those involved the opportunity to represent all parents/carers regarding any matters they may want raised with our School and to hear about schemes School may be considering or to contribute to policies and practice.

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 Previous Meetings Held:-

 6th November 2017

 12th July 2017

 8th May 2017

 6th March 2017

 3rd October 2016

14th November 2016

 23rd January 2017

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