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Photography Club Exhibition

Today, members of Mr Boddington's photography club showcased their talent at a photography exhibition in school. There was a lot of creative talent  on display from the pupils who had worked incredibly hard under Mr Boddington's guidance to produce 'very professional looking results', as stated by one of the club member's parents. Parents of pupils attending the club commented on the fantastic array of photographs.


Here are some of their comments:-

  " Lovely exhibition,very professional looking results. Children have enjoyed taking part. It has given them something to be proud of. "

"It is a lovely exhibition. The children had produced work that's so professional. It's really been a worthwhile club for Aleena, as she takes pictures everywhere she goes...Thank you for providing a fantastic club."

" The exhibition has been really good and well organised. I've enjoyed looking at all the children's photos and can tell they've put a lot of effort into taking them."

"What a fabulous exhibition! Congratulations to all the children. Please keep this club going!"



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