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Meet the Governors

School Governors are appointed by the Council after elections by parents and teachers and nomination from the Local Authority.  In addition, five members are co-opted by these Governors.  They each serve for four years and share the responsibility for the School’s success with all stakeholders.  They usually meet once per term, with various, specific committees meeting at regular intervals.  Governors may be contacted through School, or you may write directly to the Chairman, Mr Martin Hewings, via the School address.  Current Governors are:


LA Governors:                            Councillor Martin Hewings (Chairman)

Staff Governors:                        Mrs N Rogers,  Mrs A Pimm

Parent Governors:                     Mr I Sadiq, Dr A Holtom-Viesel,                                                                                                               Dr. S Ahmed, Mr M Nunn

                                                   Co-opted Governors:                 Mr C Cooper, Mr D Hoursoglou,
                                                                                                    Ms M Farnworth, Mrs D Mallin

                                                                 Associate Governors:                Miss F Jordan, Mrs T Chakmak

 Clerk:                                          Mrs Y Jones 


Governors 2017/18 - Updated 27th June 2018

Governors 2017/18 - Updated 27th June 2018 1
Governors 2017/18 - Updated 27th June 2018 2
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